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Corey Rickman

Chubby Bearded Guy in charge ? It took us a while to find the right person to take this job. After months of searching we found the guy that we just LOVED. He is experienced in running a large company, smooth under pressure and delivered impossible tasks without failure each and every year. Unfortunately, he demanded the month of November and December off, something about gifts for children around the world and goodwill towards men. I?m sure he said more but we stopped listening as Judge Judy came on the TV. It was one where the landlord evicted a tenant and threw all their stuff on the front yard and it rained that night and their clothes got all wet and they claim moldy, but the landlord said that they were supposed to be out 30 days previously, Sorry, we are getting off track (tenant won, but was scolded by Judge Judy) and long story short, he didn?t accept the job.

With opening right around the corner, we noticed that our majority owner was chubby AND he had a beard so we thought ?what the hell? and gave him the job.

?Pretty? Scott Wasserman

V.P. of Communications (Hop Division) ? Get it? No? Ok, think of that 1998 movie with Robert Redford, then instead of ?horse? replace it with ?hops?. Get it now? Fine! here is the link: The horse whisperer, now that we have all but spelled it out (HOPS Whisperer, cause he is all in-tuned with the plants, and can read what they are doing and make adjustments to our process to make them happy). Clever, right? Good Ol? Scotty wanted a ?big fancy title? and wasn?t happy with ?that one guy that grows our plants good?. So, we landed here.

Scott does know Hydroponic growing, he spent years honing his craft growing ?tomatoes? in Colorado (his Mom might read this so we had to use ?tomatoes?, but it wasn?t ?tomatoes?). Hi Scotts Mom! We love you!

Laura Rickman

V.P. of H.R. ? I know what you are thinking, ?why would a company with less than 6 people need a V.P. of H.R.??, then you notice her last name and think ?I wonder if this is nepotism, is she related to the Chubby Bearded guy in charge? If so this isn?t right, we should probably let Human resources. know? then your head explodes as you sink into a logic loop, complaining to Human Resources about the VP of H.R. failing to follow the rules of Human Resources..

Well, we are here to help you out of that logic loop. H.R. is HOPS resources NOT human (who cares about the inmates running this asylum). With over 4,000 hop plants in our facility at any given time there is a lot of need to manage these resource. And let?s be honest, That ?pretty? guy that runs communications does a lot of whispering and touches them a lot, someone needs to be here to make sure he doesn?t go all ?Harvey? on them.